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UK Wargames Companies

The following lists provide links to wargames companies in the UK and Ireland

Links and details are kept up to date on a regular basis. Please contact us for any amendments or additions. 

(This section last updated 26-09-23)


British Isles:

1/72nd Model Figures

2d6 Wargaming  - 6mm miniatures and rules

4 Mil Models
A & A Game Engineering - Wargaming rules
A&A Miniatures - 28mm Ancients 
AB Figures - 15mm & 18mm Ancients & Napoleonics & 1/76th WW2

ABC Brushes - Paint brushed and supplies
Adler Miniatures - 6mm & 10mm figures

Ainsty Casting Company  

Alternative Armies – Fantasy and Sci-Fi figure manufacturer

Amera Plastic Mouldings - Scenery and buildings 

Anschluss Wargames - Rules
Apocalypse Miniatures - 10mm & 28mm Sci Fi and Fantasy figures

Atlantis Miniatures - 28mm Dwarf figures

Artis Opus - Paint brushes & display cases
B&B Miniatures - 20mm & 28mm miniatures

Baccus 6mm  - 6mm figures

Bad Squiddo Games - Carried at Partizan by Great Escape Games

Battledress - Figure Painting Service

Battlescale Wargames Buildings - Wargames buildings for all scales. 

Battlezone Miniatures - 28mm Fantasy and 20mm WW2
Bicorne Miniatures – 25mm Colonials plus Connoisseur figures

Black Scorpion Miniatures - 28mm Western & Fantasy Figures

Black Tree Designs

Blotz - Wargames Terrain

Bow & Blade Games - Dice, Paints, Accessories

Brigade Models 
Caliver Books - Military Books

Cerberus Studios - Fantasy figures

Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot

Commission Figurines - 6mm & 10mm Scenery & Figures

Conquest Games - 28mm Medieval & Fantasy figures

Copplestone Castings

Coritani Miniatures/Magnetic Displays

C-P Models
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio - Home of 7TV and a multitude of pulp and fantasy miniatures

Crusader Miniatures - 28mm Figures

Culverin Models - 15mm & 28mm Vehicles & Scenery

Deepcut Studios - Wargamimg terrain & Mats

The Dice Miners - Dice... lots of dice

Disain Studio - 3D Printed scenery
Dixon Miniatures - 15mm & 28mm historical figures

Dragoon Miniatures - 28mm & 40mm figures

Eagle Figures

Early War Miniatures - 20mm WW2

East Front Miniatures - 20mm WW2

Elite Miniatures  – 28mm Napoleonics

eM-4 Miniatures – Producing some of the old Grenadier fantasy and Sci Fi ranges

Empress Miniatures

Essex Miniatures - 15mm & 25mm historical figures
Eureka Miniatures UK - UK Distributor of the Australian 28mm Company 

Fenris Games - 28mm fantasy figures & scenery

Fighting 15s - 15mm figures
First Corps – 28mm historical Figures

Fizzer Johnson's Men of Metal - 18mm Napoleonic & 20mm WW2
Flags for the Lads - Excellent flag range

Flags of War - Extensive flag range & 28mm Jacobite rebellion figures

Footsore Miniatures - 28mm Ancient and medieval figures
Frontier Miniatures - 15mm figures
Games Workshop

Great Escape Games

Gripping Beast

Ground Zero Games

Grubby Tanks/Britannia/Redoubt

Green Scene – Scenic modeling accessories

Ham and Jam - Painted 20mm & 28mm buildings

Hasslefree Miniatures - Fantasy Miniatures

Hayland Terrain

HCH Figures – Ready Painted figures

Helion and Company

Heresy Miniatures - Fantasy Miniatures

Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company

Hovels - 15mm & 25mm Buildings

Ironclad Miniatures

Irongate Scenery - 3D printed scenery & Miniatures

Irregular Miniatures - 6mm, 15mm, 25mm & 42mm Figures

Just Lasered - Personalised laser cutting service

Ken Trotman Antiquarian Books - Military Books

Kore Games - 3D printed vehicles & Scenery
KR Multicase - Carried at Partizan by The Pit

Lancashire Games

Lancer Miniatures - Figures

Langton Miniatures - Naval models
The Last Valley - high quality hand made scenery

The Little Corporal - Wargames Retail

The Little Soldier Company - Home of Noggin the Nog and all manner of 28mm strange delights

Macrocosm Miniatures - 28mm Sci-Fi & Fantasy figures

Magister Militum
Mammoth Miniatures
Mantic Games

MC Model Painting - Painting Services

Mierce Miniatures - Fantasy figures

Miniature Figurines - (Minifigs) 15mm & 28mm figures

Miniature Men & Components - Second Hand figures Ebay store
Mithril Miniatures - 25mm Lord of the Rings Figures

Modiphius Games - Games Publisher
Monolith Designs
- Resin buildings & Scenery

Museum Miniatures - 15mm figures
Navwar Productions - Naval miniatures
Newline Designs - 20mm & 25mm figures   

North Star Military Figures

Northumbrian Painting Services/Reiver Castings - 28mm Pike and Shot & 20th Century plus Painting services

Northumbrian Tin Soldier - 28mm fantasy figures

Oathsworn Miniatures - 28mm fantasy figures

Offensive Miniatures - 28mm figures

Old Glory

Osprey Books - Excellent book range for uniform information

Outlands Terrain - Laser cut buildings

Parkfield Miniatures - 15mm & 28mm figures

Paul Meekins Books - Military History Books

Pen & Sword - Military History publishers
Pendraken Miniatures - 6mm & 10mm figures

Perry Miniatures – 25mm perfection. (Carried at Partizan by Dave Thomas)
Peter Pig
– 15mm games and figures

The Pit - Gaming shop & retailer

Project Omega - Sci-fi games & figures

Quick Reaction Force - 15mm figures
Ral Partha Europe

Products for Wargamers - All manner of useful wargaming paraphernalia
Rubicon Models

S & A Scenics - 15mm & 25mm Buildings and Terrain

Sarissa Precision Ltd - laser cut buildings

Scale Link Ltd – Etched Brass Accessories and models

Shed Games - resin figures and scenery

Shellhole Scenics - 25mm firgures and terrain

SHQ Miniatures

Simon's Soldiers

Sloppy Jalopy  - Interwar and Cold War vehicles and figures

Spectre Miniatures - 28mm Modern figures
Steve Barber Models
Stonewall Figures

Tangent Miniatures

Terrain Shed - Handmade terrain

Tiger Miniatures - 28mm Colonial figures

TimeCast – 6mm and 15mm buildings

Timeline Miniatures - 28mm figures and buildings

Tiny Wargames - Battle Mats

Too Fat Lardies

Tree Fellers

Tumbling Dice

Under Fire Miniatures - 20mm & 28mm Modern figures

Valiant Miniatures/Rapid Fire

Veni Vidi Vici - Decals and Wargames rules

Victorious Miniatures - 28mm Boxer Rebellion figures

Voidscar Miniatures - 1/100 Sci-fi


Warfayre - 3D Printed terrain and Models

Wargames Design Workshop - Home to the old Amazon Miniatures, QT and early Dxon ranges

Wargames Foundry - Masterful 28mm figures for every perio

Wargames Illustrated - The Ultimate Wargames Magazine
Warhub - Colour Forge

Warlord Games

Warp Miniatures

Warpaint Figures - New & Used figures

Warrior Miniatures - 10mm,15mm,20mm & 25mm historical figures

Wessex Games – Victorian Sci Fi and much more.

Westwind Productions/Forged in Battle

White Dragon Miniatures - 28mm Modern figure

Winterdyne Commission Modelling - Modelling, painting & Conversions

World War Gaming - Scenery & Accessories

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