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26 March 2016

Newark Irregulars began in Laurence's front room in Harcourt Street in 1984, subsequently moving to the Scout Hall on Lover's Lane, opposite Duncan MacFarlane's house, until 2012. At that point we noticed that pretty much every member of the club had moved out of Newark for one reason or another, and attendance fell to unsustainable levels. So we became very irregular.

All the original members are still gaming, but mostly in other parts of the county, or in extreme cases other countries... 

We still come together, on an irregular basis, but our main activity now is to continue to run the Partizan shows.

Tony Ackland and Lewis Talbot deep in thought at a club meeting.


26 March 2016

Partizan is our twice yearly tabletop miniature wargames show, now held at the new venue of the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall at the Newark Showground. Newark, Notts, England. If you're new to wargaming it serves as an excellent introduction to the hobby, having built up a reputation for displaying the very best games, having a friendly atmosphere, and it includes some great games to join in too. If you're not new to wargaming, you probably knew all that already.


01 May 2016

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