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29 March 2016

This year our new venue has allowed us a huge expansion of the Games we will be able to host. Whilst at the old Kelham Hall venue we were limited to perhaps 26 or 27 games, the Showground will allow us to display more than 50 of the finest games on the show circuit.

These will be split into two zones – a demonstration game zone and a participation game zone so that all your gaming needs will be satisfied. Bring your camera and be inspired - the light is much better now to capture the fine detail on show!

The following clubs, companies and individuals have kindly offered to put on these great games at this year’s Partizan.

Games 2017

Company Game Type
1st Corps 28mm WW2 - Operation Claymore. British Parachute Raid. Demonstration Game
Ainsty Casting 28mm Aggro Participation Game
Blitzkrieg Miniatures 28mm WW2 - Blitzkrieg Panzer Battles - Omaha Beach Participation Game
Caliver Books/Leicester Phat Cats 28mm WW2 Skirmish Participation Game
Chesterfield Old Boys 28mm WW2 Normandy - Chef du Pont 05:00 6th June Demonstration Game
Chesterfield Open Gaming Society In Her Majestys Name 28mm Victorian Gothic Horror Participation Game
Derby Wargames Society 28mm 1688 Glorious Revolt Demonstration Game
Doncaster Wargames Society 28mm Fantasy - The War of Bones Participation Game
Dr Mike Salwey Dr Mike's Painting Clinic Participation Game
Durham Wargames Group 28mm American Civil War - The Shenandoah Valley Campaign Demonstration Game
Forest Outlaws TBA Demonstration Game
Glenbrooke Games/Forest of Dean Gamers 54mm Chariot Racing - Circus Minimus Participation Game
Grantham Strategy Club Broomstick Racing – ‘Unseen University Grand Trunk National’ Participation Game
Great Escape Games 28mm Old West with zombies and gribbly things Participation Game
Harrogate Wargames Club Primosole Bridge 1943 Participation Game
Hysterical Games 28mm Panzerfaust Demonstration Game
KB Club Accelerate & Attack Sci Fi Starship Combat Participation Game
KB Club Manoeuvore Group 144th WW2 Participation Game
Lance & Longbow Society 15mm Medieval warfare Demonstration Game
League of Augsburg 28mm 18th Century Demonstration Game
League of Gentleman Anti-Alchemists 28mm Texas War of Independence - Scoundrels at Home, Scoundrels Abroad; The Battle of Concepcion Demonstration Game
Leeds Night Owls 28mm Crusaders - A La Caravanserai Participation Game
Like A Stonewall Wargames Group 28mm Napoleonic - Battle of Utitsa 1812 Demonstration Game
Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society 28mm Medieval - The Battle of Lincoln 1217 Demonstration Game
Lucid Eye Publications 28mm Pulp Skirmish - Savage Core Demonstration Game
Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare 28mm Vikings vs Samurai - The Saga of Ranald and Miko Participation Game
Mr Dale Yates 28mm Border Reivers - The Border Ablaze Demonstration Game
Mr Ian Duff Fleet Level Space Combat - Firestorm Armada Participation Game
Mr Ian Smith & Friends 40mm Peninsular Wars Skirmish - The Battle of Adrados Demonstration Game
Mr Phil Olley 28mm 18th Century - The Battle of Neerfuncken 1747 Demonstration Game
Mr Simon Miller 28mm Ancient Greece - To the Strongest - Battle of Leuctra 371BC Demonstration Game
Mr Steve Jones 28mm American War of Independence Demonstration Game
North Hull Wargames Club 1/3000 WW2 Pacific Naval War - An Alternative Battle of the Pacific circa 1942 Demonstration Game
North Star 28mm African - The Great Zimbabwe Demonstration Game
North Star 28mm Open Combat Participation Game
North Star 28mm Wild West Horror - Draculas America Participation Game
Nottingham Wargames Club 28mm Russian Civil War Demonstration Game
Old Guard Wargames Club 28m Colonial - A Dusting in the Sudan Demonstration Game
Orwell Wargamers 6mm Colonial To the Strongest Variant - The Gatlings Jammed and the Colonels Dead Demonstration Game
Peterborough Wargames Club 15mm Italy 1944 - I Aint Been Shot Mum Demonstration Game
RAF Wargames Association A Brick too Far - Tank Battle Participation Game
RAWGamers 28mm Sudan Skirmish - The Mystery of the Missing Miners - Major Hardly Wythytts last stand Demonstration Game
Reluctant Conscripts Flames of War - Great War 1917 Participation Game
Sally4th 28mm Modern African - Wild Geese: 3 mini scenarios Participation Game
Spectre Miniatures TBA Demonstration Game
Stand To Games 28mm Peninsula Spain Skirmishing - Forager Participation Game
Taylors Crew 28mm Italian Wars Fantasy - The Von Trinkenssen Chronicles Demonstration Game
The Bodkins 28mm Medieval - The Battle of Crecy 1346 Demonstration Game
Two Fat Lardies Chain of Command Great War - 100 Days in 1918 - "The Green Fields Beyond” Demonstration Game
Very British Parlour Forum 28mm VBCW Demonstration Game
Wargames Developments 6mm WW2 - A Platoon Commander’s War Participation Game
Warlord Games 28mm Bolt Action - Operation Sealion - The Battle for Godfreys Cottage Demonstration Game
Warlord Games 28mm Bolt Action - Papua New Guinea Demonstration Game
Warlord Games Blood Red Skies - Battle of Britain Demonstration Game
Warlord Games 28mm Samurai - Test of Honour Participation Game
Wings of Glory Aerodrome Sails of Glory - Sails over the Ocean Participation Game
Wings of Glory Aerodrome Wings of Glory - WW1 Fighters Participation Game

Society Stands 2017

Battlefield Trust
Lance and Longbow Society
National Civil War Centre
NFX Casting & Design
Northampton Battlefield Society
Pike and Shot Society
Society of Ancients
The Naseby Project
Usborne History Books for Children

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